Sunday, 20 May 2012

Level 3, Cross Section 3 - Version 2 & 3

Two revisions on this cross section.

  Level 3 - Cross Section 3 (Paper 2)

 My first thought was to raise the exit door and row of platforms to stop the player from being able jump up from near the entry door. This works but requires an extra section to be added to the left to make sure the player can still get up to the platforms.

 Level 3 - Cross Section 3 (Paper 3)

 Thinking again it would be much simpler to just lower the debris around the entry door, as shown in the third version above.

Level 3, Cross Section 3

  Level 3 - Cross Section 3 (Original)
  Level 3 - Cross Section 3 (Paper 1)
This is the third cross section/non rotating room in a row now, should there not be more of the rotating rooms interspersed, seeing as the games called Spin Doctor?
The player starts at the bottom door and must work there way left too where they can jump up to the platforms above and then over to the exit on the right. There is also a note to be collected on the bottom floor. 
Following the movement rules set for Paper Doctor the player can easily cut out most of the room by jumping up to the platforms above from just near the entrance door. Players doing this would miss out on the collectible note but could probably finish the room in less than five seconds. It would be best if this was not possible and the player had to follow the intended route. I'll follow up with a revised layout to see how it could be done. I'll also move the exit door to the back wall.

Level 3, Cross Section 2

  Level 3 - Cross Section 2 (Original)

  Level 3 - Cross Section 2 (Paper 1)

Another cross section and another door on the side, I have put it on the back wall on this first version as I'm pretty sure that's where they need to go. 

After playing through there are no other changes I would make. The sequence of lifts will be fun to play and the section doesn't feel too long or overdone, which keeps the player moving onto the important rotating rooms.

Level 3, Cross Section 1 - Version 3

Level 3 - Cross Section 1 (Paper 3) 

I had completely missed the fact there is a collectible note in this cross section, It's in the drawer of the desk the Steam Boots are sat on.

I think I missed it due to the fact its in exactly the same location as the boots and I was focused on them. With that in mind I figured it may be worth moving the note to somewhere more visible which can't be reached until the player has the steam boots. This would add extra game play to the areas and provide a good example of Steam Boot use.

The third version of the room layout shown above places the collectible note high up near where the player enter the level. This will be easy to see and requires the player to back track up the ladder once they have the boots.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Level 3, Cross Section 1 - Version 2

 Level 3 - Cross Section 1 (Paper 2)

A second version with the exit door on the back wall.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Level 3, Cross Section 1

 Level 3 - Cross Section 1 (Original)

 Level 3 - Cross Section 1 (Paper 1) 

On starting the level I was drawn to the buttons on the right, they rotate the room shown through the two large windows on the upper half. I rotated the room through all positions out of imaginary interest before moving left to the ladder. Once down the ladder I paused for a moment as I collected the Steam Boots, them moving on to read the sign where I paused again. After reading the sign I jumped around a few times testing the boots out before making the actual jump over the spinning blades. I them jumped over the blades and back a couple of times before exiting the room.

For such a small area there was plenty to distract the player and keep them interested, along with ample room to test out the Steam Boots. The round door and windows also kept a good connection to the rotating room I just left.

My thoughts on changes: The side on door to exit the room doesn't fit with what has been agreed, all door on the back walls. This can easily be changed. I also wondered if it would it be worth including a ledge to steam boot jump too, as a further example of there use?

I'll draw up a second version with the minor changes

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Iterative Paper Level Design - Level 3, Room 1

Level 3 - Room1 (Original)
Level 3 - Room1 (Paper 1)
I drew out the level and played through as per the established rule set.

 I tried at first to play without referring to the walk-through but soon need to clarify where the player enters and exits the room as well as what each of the switches did. I think I struggled to spot the exit as it did not follow the more standard door shape used in the earlier levels, will this be an issue to players? The switches will be fine in game as the player will see what it does on screen, not so easy on paper. 

Overall the level seemed to play out well, I was able to play through with no problem once I knew where the entrance/exit were as well as the function of switches. Can't think of any changes beyond the door thing I mentioned before. There is perhaps a chance the player can get past the spinning blades without shutting there movement off but this would only make for a slight shortcut and would likely be a hard challenge for players. I'll play through a few more times and see if anything else comes to mind.

Iterative Paper Level Design

Following the creation of level design documents for Spin Doctor the team are now playing though these designs on paper. This will allow us discover any problems with the original level designs well before an engine is ready to test them. It is also much quicker and redesigns or amends can be quickly implemented and tested.

I'll be playing through rooms 1-5 & cross sections 1-5 of the third level, the mansion.